Monday, February 13, 2012

The Dream Home is Making a Difference for Families Affected by MS

Just one of the reasons why the Dream Home makes such a difference...

Back in college, Jim had the sensation of having a foreign object in his eye that caused great pain. Little did he know that the mysterious “eyelash” was the beginning of a lifelong battle with multiple sclerosis, a disease he wouldn’t be diagnosed with for another 15 years.

Over time Jim's mobility worsened and he began to use a scooter to enable his mobility. Eventually MS forced Jim, an engineer, into early retirement where he now spends most days at home. Because he can no longer work his wife Lee, a social worker, is both the family’s sole income provider and his caregiver. However, there were days Lee could not always provide the care Jim needed and there were also days Jim was lonely and disconnected from the world.

Following a friend’s advice, Lee reached out to the National MS Society to provide help and support in this difficult situation. The Pacific South Coast Chapter was able to grant respite care where a caregiver comes into the house a few hours a week to help. Jim enjoys the company of the caregivers as they discuss politics with him and help him with chores around the home. Their assistance also allows Lee to spend her day focused on her work and not having to worry about Jim's physical and emotional needs.

Respite care provides health for the whole family. $300 a month provides a family affected by MS with in-home care that helps maintain independence, well-being, and preserve the family unit. Events such as the ASID Dream Home raise critical funds that allow programs like respite care to be possible. Learn more about other programs the MS Society provides at Tour the Dream Home this March and help support families in need!

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