Lecture Series

Join us each Saturday for our fantastic lecture series. You can purchase an individual lecture series ticket or you can add unlimited lecture series attendances to your season pass for an additional $25. We'll be featuring blog posts on each of these great days, so check back often for more information!

SOCO hosts a Farmers market every Saturday from 9am-2pm with gourmet food trucks on site so make a day of your visit to the Dream Home!

Saturday, March 3
11:00 am
Entertaining Through the Year: A Tabletop Viewing
A Garden Soiree, A Sea-Inspired Summer Wedding and English High Tea

  • Wildflower Linen - Youngsong Martin
  • Christopher Garren’s - Chris Russom
  • Fleurs les Fetes - Annie Morgan

12:00 pm
Entertaining Through the Year: Demonstration Steps to Putting Together an Amazing Party!

  • Wildflower Linen -Youngsong Martin
  • Christopher Garren’s - Chris Russom
  • Fleurs les Fetes - Annie Morgan

Saturday, March 10
11:00 am
Exterior Design From Concept to Final Details: An Overview on How to Create Your Outdoor Paradise.

  • Molly Wood Garden Design – Molly Wood

12:00 pm
Avanti Café - Tanya Fuque

1:00 pm
Susan van der Roest presents "Tips for an Accessible Garden".  Susan has lived with MS for 30 years and has developed some innovative techniques to make her home and garden accessible, safe, and beautiful.

Saturday, March 17
11:00 am & 2:00pm
Culinary Revolution at the OC Mart Mix

  • Portola Coffee - Jeff Duggan
  • WE Olive & Wine Bar - Phil Brooks
  • Savory Spice Shop - Susan Carter
  • The Cheese Shop - Dawn Mednick

12:30 pm
Nourish with Anna Getty

  • Cooking and Eating for the 21st Century
  • Book Signing, Anna Getty’s Easy Green Organic
  • Anna Getty

Saturday, March 24
11:00 am
Sleep, Play, Green: Steps to a Healthy Nursery 

  • How to Encourage Natural and Creative Play And Why Plastic Toys are Harmful
  • Granola Babies - Giselle Baturay, BS, CLE
  • Identify “Toxic” Dangers in Your Child’s Environment,  How to "Detoxify" Your Home Nursery or Children’s  Room with Healthy Alternatives,
  • How and Why We Are All Affected by These Toxins,  But Most Importantly - Our Children.
  • Book Signing, Just GREEN It! 
  • Simple Swaps to Save the Planet & Your Health
  • My Body My House - A Children's Picture Book
  • The Healthy Home Dream Team - Ron & Lisa Beres,  BBEI, CGBP

1:00 pm
The Key to Success in the Later Years

  • Learn the Secrets of Healthy Older Adults, How Fitness Plays a Role in Adult Wellness Fitness 
  • Tips From the Experts
  • Oasis Senior Center- Celeste Jardine-Haug, M.S.G,  Judy Aprile, M.S.G.