Monday, February 27, 2012

The Beauty of Universal Design & Home Modifications

Rosa was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1998. Now at the age of 53, Rosa is unable to walk and uses a wheelchair full-time. Her legs cause her great pain as she experiences multiple spasms and foot drop symptoms. Over the past few years, Rosa began to struggle living in her home as it was not accessible for her to be mobile and conduct daily routines.

The National MS Society was able to supply Rosa with a ceiling lift, a machine that helps her make transfers from her wheelchair to other areas in her home. This ceiling lift allows Rosa to do simple things such as take a shower or get into bed without a caregiver. Ultimately, this home modification has allowed Rosa to maintain her independence. “It’s such a relief. I can be at home and in my own environment. I’m very happy,” she stated.

Fundraising events like the ASID Dream Home allow the Society to help those like Rosa maintain their independence while living with multiple sclerosis. In addition, this year the ASID Dream Home is universally designed which means it is completely accessible and allows for people to age in place. Come out and see how universal design can be truly beautiful and support the Society’s efforts to provide home modifications to those in need like Rosa.

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